Expanded Media II/III - Re-corporealizing New Media  

Below is a selection of student work made in my Expanded Media II/III courses at UT Austin in Fall 2018 and Spring 2019. 

Course Description:

Student-initiated research and development of complex media art and hybrid media art projects.

In this course we will explore the spatial and emotional relationship of the human body to technology. In what ways can we embed our humanity into the field of expanded media? How can we move beyond standard or novel uses of technology to create expanded narratives? How can we deploy tools such as VR, video installation, and internet art to better explain or understand our human experience?

During the course, participants will explore creating time-based media using traditional and non-traditional platforms and technologies. Throughout the semester students will be introduced to a wide variety of artworks employing video, experimental documentary, sound, new technology, multimedia installation, internet art, software, and hybrid media art projects. Students will work in any number of these mediums during the course.

Throughout the semester we will do a variety of  reading relating to bodies, space and technology.

This course offers instruction in a variety of technical instruction including: capturing and editing 360 video, editing, lighting, green screen/Cyclorama, 3D animation, game design, AR and VR. Through screenings, readings, presentations and group critiques, students will become familiar with artists who are redefining video and hybrid media art today as well as develop their own artistic voice in the expanded media field.

Gifs and animation

Myfanway Shepard

Katerina Vasquez

Bella Cheng

Augmented Reality

An Augmented Reality app made in Unity by Luis Nanini. An image of a mayan relief tile triggers four alternate images of what the tile might look like with pigment.

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AR app made by Bella Cheng. The 3D augmented reality is triggered when the camera/app registers the tobacco puff quilt, a 19th century relic housed in the Dolph Briscoe center at UT Austin.


3D simulation in Unity 

A first-person simulation made in Unity by Devvyn Rhodes.

Click here to download and play the game.  

Runner Game 

A runner game made by Sullivan Meserley in Expanded Media II/III, Fall 2018. Sullivan hand drew all the game assets and we assembled them in Unity. 

Play the game here: https://kmccarthy90.itch.io/sullivan

Runner Game

An infinite runner game made by Itamar Benitez in Expanded Media II/III, Fall 2018. Itamar created the assets using a combination of found imagery and illustration and we assembled the game in Unity.

Play Itamar's game here: https://kmccarthy90.itch.io/itamar-game

Video & Video Installation

An animation made in Blender by Bella Cheng. The assignment was to make a reenactment based off of an existing text. Bella created an animation that weaves through a strange home, following the text of a poem. 

Video work made by Itamar Benitez in Expanded Media II/III at UT Austin. The assignment was to create a video that incorporated gesture and bodies. Itamar documented an evening out in Austin with particular emphasis on the queer scene. He augmented this derive-style footage with 3D scans of people and bodies. 

Video work made by Elaine Adams in Expanded Media II/III at UT Austin. The assignment was to make a work using found footage. Elaine incorporated footage from YouTube slime videos with sci-fi movie clips and an audio track dealing with primordial soup and evolution. Below are installation details. Elaine showed the video on a CRT box monitor with handmade slime and goo on the pedestal and floor around it. 

Elaine Adams, installation detail

Video work made by Jake Bruner. in Expanded Media II/III at UT Austin. The assignment was to create a video work that incorporated gesture. Jake was interested in liminal spaces and video game aesthetics. His work documents a wandering walk through Austin to a waste-management site. 

Shannie Tomassini 

Installation details, Itamar Benitez

Haley Youman

Katie Broyles, final video installation 

Installation details, Katie Broyles

Video work made by Sullivan Meserley in Expanded Media II/III. 

Sullivan Meserley, final project installation details

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